Goju-ryu: Sanseiru

  1. Attention Stance
  2. Step forward with right foot into Sanchin Dachi
  3. Chudan Tsuki
  4. Step forward with left foot and Chudan Tsuki. STep forward again with right foot and repeat 2 / 3
  5. Open right hand and slowly turn over
  6. Pull right foot back into Zenkutsu Dachi and slide left hand down right arm to release opponents grip
  7. Step forward deeply with right foot and Ashidori
  8. Mae Geri with the left
  9. Mae Geri with the right
  10. Hiji ate with the right
  11. Gedan gayku Tsuki with the left
  12. Sokuto Geri with the right
  13. Turn to the back and left chudan Uke (Repeat 9-12)
  14. Turn to the right and left chudan Uke (Repeat 9-12)
  15. Turn to the left and left chudan Uke (repeat 9-12)
  16. Turn to the back in shiko dachi and kosa uke
  17. Turn to the front and shuto kosa uke
  18. Step deeply forward with right foot into shiko dachi and open handed jodan uke with the right hand and position the left hand in front of solar plexus
  19. Sweep the right foot up and step to the left side into sanchin dachi
  20. Awase Tsuki
  21. Turn to the right side, chudan uke, step forward with the right foot adn chudan uke
  22. Step forward deeply with left foot
  23. Awase Tsuki
  24. Turn to the front in a diagonally right shiko dachi
  25. Keken Uke
  26. Place one hand on top of the other, palms facing up
  27. Attention Stance

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