Goju-ryu: Tensho

This form uses the same breathing as Sanchin with different arm movements

  1. Attention Stance
  2. Double outward block
  3. Right hand outward block
  4. Left hand punch
  5. Double Outward block
  6. Left hand Outward block
  7. Right hand punch
  8. Right hand outward block
  9. Right hand open palm
  10. Right hand spear
  11. Right hand palm
  12. Right hand under palm
  13. Right hand claw
  14. Right hand claw perry
  15. Repeat 8 – 14
  16. Double outward block
  17. Double claw
  18. Double spear
  19. Double push
  20. Double under hand push
  21. Double hand claw
  22. Double hand claw perry
  23. Double push down, double raise x2
  24. Shotei Ate left/Right
  25. Attention stance

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