Ed Parker American Kenpo: Attacking Mace

ATTACKING MACE (FRONT – Right, step-through punch)

  1. With your right foot, step toward 6:00 and form a left neutral bow stance facing 12:00 as you deliver a left inward block to the outside of the opponent’s right arm. Your right hand cocks near your solar plexus slightly forward with the palm up and the fist clenched.
  2. Pivot counterclockwise and form a left forward bow stance facing 12:00 as you deliver a right straight thrust punch to the opponent’s right lower ribcage. Your left hand acts as a check against the opponent’s right elbow.
  3. Circle your right hand counterclockwise and track along his right arm ending with a grab to his right wrist. Immediately pull his arm diagonally down past your right hip as you simultaneously deliver a right roundhouse kick to the opponent’s groin. During this action, cock your left hand slightly above your left ribcage palm upward with the fist clenched.
  4. Plant forward and form a right forward bow stance facing 12:00 to check the inside of the opponent’s right knee. Simultaneously deliver a left snapping vertical punch to his right kidney.

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