Ed Parker American Kenpo: Captured Twigs

CAPTURED TWIGS (REAR – Bear Hug with arms pinned)

  1. With your left foot step to 9:00 and form a horse stance facing 12:00 as your left hand pins the opponent’s hands to your body. Simultaneously deliver a right back hammerfist strike to his groin.
  2. Pivot clockwise and form a right 90-degree cat stance facing 3:00 as your left hand releases the pin and clears your opponent’s left arm to cover in front of your face and your right arm clears the opponent’s right arm to cover in front of your groin. Immediately deliver a right upward snapping vertical obscure elbow strike underneath the opponent’s chin. As your right arm strikes his chin, your left hand covers in front of your groin.
  3. Deliver with a right thrusting knife edge kick to the inside of the opponent’s right knee. Scrape down his shin and end with a right downward stomp to his right instep or ankle.

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