Ed Parker American Kenpo: Checking the Storm

CHECKING THE STORM (FRONT – Right Step Through Overhead Club Attack)

  1. With your right foot, step toward 3:00 as you defend with a right inward parry. Immediately slide your left foot toward your right foot and form a left 45-degree cat stance facing 10:30 as you defend with a left extended outward handsword block to the right inner wrist of the opponent. Your right hand (hand open) acts as a check in front of your solar plexus.
  2. Without hesitation, deliver a left front snapping ball kick to the opponent’s groin.
  3. Plant your left foot (gauging leg) in a modified left front twist stance toward 10:00 and immediately deliver a right snapping knife-edge kick to the inside of the opponent’s right knee.
  4. Plant your right foot toward 10:00 and form a right neutral bow stance as you deliver a right outward back knuckle strike to the opponent’s left temple. Your left hand remains checking at your solar plexus.

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