Ed Parker American Kenpo: Delayed Sword

DELAYED SWORD (FRONT- Right Hand Lapel Grab)

  1. With your feet together step back with your left foot toward 6:00 into a right neutral bow stance, facing 12:00, while simultaneously executing a right inward block to the right inner wrist of your opponent. At the same time position your left hand at solar plexus level as a precautionary check against further action.
  2. Immediately slide your right foot back into a cat stance.
  3. Without hesitation deliver a right front snapping ball kick to your opponent’s groin.
  4. Plant your right foot (back lo its point of origin) into a right neutral bow, facing 12:00, while employing Gravitational Marriage, as you strike with a right outward hand sword to the right side of your opponent’s neck. Immediately slide your right hand (after the strike) to the right wrist of your opponent as a precautionary check.

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