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English: Illustration from Lessons in Geography.
English: Illustration from Lessons in Geography. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Good Morning Fellow CMATOS Students (and current/former AKKSjp Students),

I appreciate everyone’s patience as we get the site set up and importing all the textual descriptions of the material up to the website. Starting this weekend, we will start to upload video lessons for the materials within the CMATOS system, as well as our first round of distance learning video lessons. We are hoping to finish uploading the CMATOS material, descriptions, and videos by the end of February (sooner if possible), so that we can open up our doors for our online distance learning program.

If you are interested in starting to study, please feel free to contact us for more information so we can work something out. Current AKKS students, you will be continuing our weekly meetings as planned. If you would like to switch over to the CMATOS material, please talk to your instructor for more information about the conversion. You can also read more about the conversion on the For AKKSjp Students page under CMATOS Lineage in the menu above.

Because of the bulk and size of the material for other systems, the videos from CMATOS are going to take a much longer time to produce, we may add youtube videos from other schools for the non CMATOS core material as an intermediary step until we can get the CMATOS videos filmed, edited, and uploaded. This way students can still use the material on the site as a reference, but until we get the CMATOS versions uploaded, you may have to make due with watching non CMATOS martial artists and their forms and techniques.

You will also notice that as the lessons get uploaded, they are created as standard WordPress posts, and as such, the news got a bit buried in the shifting sands. Bear with us as we continue to work through the kinks of the new website and as we put more and more of our material online. Once the material has been completely uploaded, the news and updates will be for the weekly CMATOS lessons. You can always refer back to previous lessons and technique specific videos and materials by going to the appropriate location on the menu above.

We’ll be producing some tutorial videos in the coming weeks that will help you to navigate the site and find the material you are looking for.

Keep up the hard work and training and we’ll talk you to you soon.

  • Soke Salaka

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