Kenpo Budokan Karate: Kenpo Salute

This video describes the proper way to perform the formal Kenpo salute. It is a bit different from other Kenpo salutes, as we end on the shield and hammer rather than on the prayer position.

The original words to the Kenpo salutation is given below:

“The scholar leads the warrior forward into battle.
I show I come prepared and ready to fight with all that I have.
The scholar and the warrior – side by side, back to back.
I show I have no weapons.
I pull away from the fight, for it is not my purpose to fight.
I clear the air of all negative thoughts hoping to divert the fight.
I use my universal strength: body, mind and spirit – united.
I keep my sacred Art of Kenpo to myself.
I pray I’ll never have to use it.
Embrace the world with brotherly love, Respectful to all.”

The hands in the shape of the triangle is the 3 bodies (mind, body, spirit). The scholar is the shield, and the warrior the hammer.

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