Ed Parker American Kenpo: Crashing Wings

CRASHING WINGS (REAR – Rear Hug with arms free)


  1. With your right foot step to 3:00 and form a horse stance facing 12:00 as you simultaneously deliver twin inward downward diagonal elbow strikes to the opponent’s forearms.
  2. Slide your left foot toward your right foot and form a transitional close cat stance as your arms cock at your right hip. Your right palm will be facing upward and your left palm facing inward.
  3. Slide your left foot toward 7:30 to go around and behind the opponent’s right leg to form a left reverse bow stance.
  4. Pivot counterclockwise and form a left neutral bow stance facing 7:30 as you deliver a left outward horizontal elbow strike to his face. Have your left arm continue across the opponent’s face and execute a left outward horizontal heel palm claw to his face. Your right arm will cock in a fist (palm out) beside your right ear.
  5. Continue to pivot counterclockwise and form a left forward bow stance facing 7:30 and deliver a right inward downward diagonal hammerfist strike to his bladder. Your left outward elbow strike follows through with its motion and pins the opponent’s right arm against your left side.
  6. Pivot clockwise and form a left neutral bow stance. Immediately execute a left front crossover and double cover out toward 12:00.


  1. Have your right hammerfist strike slide up the centerline of the opponent’s body and end with a right torquing heel palm strike to the opponent’s jaw as your left foot steps slightly to the left and forms a left wide neutral bow stance.
  2. Your left hand grabs the opponent’s forehead and your right hand grabs the bridge of his nose and yanks the opponent’s head downward into your right upward knee kick to the back of his head and neck.
  3. Drop your opponent to the ground (he will end face up with his head pointing toward 4:30). During this action have your right foot plant toward 7:30 and form a right front twist stance. Immediately follow with a left forward step through foot maneuver into a left neutral bow stance. Conclude this maneuver by sliding your right foot clockwise toward 6:00 to form a left neutral bow stance facing 12:00.
  4. Deliver a right inward slicing knife edge kick through the opponent’s head and plant toward 7:30. Continue this flow of motion and deliver a left sliding back heel kick to the right side of the opponent’s head.
  5. Execute a left front crossover and double cover out toward 7:30.

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