Ed Parker American Kenpo: Cross of Destruction



  1. Grab both of the opponent’s wrists with both of your hands (right to right; left to left) and tuck your chin into your chest as you step with your left foot toward 9:00 and form a horse stance.
  2. Execute a right reverse step through toward 7:30 and form a left neutral bow stance facing 1:30 as you pass the opponent’s left arm over your head and cross his left arm over his right arm. At this point, pull the opponent’s right arm toward your right hip as your left hand pushes his left arm forward.
  3. Deliver a right front snapping ball kick to the inside of the opponent’s right knee.
  4. Plant your right foot toward 1:30 and form a right neutral bow stance as you pull backward with your left hand and push forward with your right hand (the position of your right hand resembles a vertical outward back knuckle strike).
  5. Execute a right front crossover and double cover out toward 7:30.


  1. Adjust your left foot (gauging leg) slightly toward 6:00 and immediately slide your right foot backward and form a right reverse bow stance to buckle the inside of his left knee. Simultaneously execute a right outward back knuckle strike through the opponent’s left rib cage. As you settle into your stance, deliver a right inward looping back knuckle strike to his right mastoid.
  2. Deliver a right knee kick to the inside of his right knee.
  3. Plant your right foot toward 11:00 and form a left rear twist stance as you deliver a right outward downward hammerfist strike to the left side of the opponent’s jaw.
  4. Pivot counterclockwise and deliver a right upward outward hooking heel kick to the opponent’s groin.
  5. Plant your right foot toward 10:30 and pivot counterclockwise to face 4:30 in a left neutral bow stance. Execute a left front crossover and double cover out toward 10:30.

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