Ed Parker American Kenpo: Crossing Talon

CROSSING TALON (FRONT – Right Hand Cross Wrist Grab)


  1. Counter-grab your opponent’s right wrist with your right hand in a clockwise motion as your left foot steps toward 1:00 and forms a left neutral bow stance. Simultaneously with the step, deliver a left thrusting forearm strike to his elbow.
  2. Continue the push-pull action on the opponent’s arm and apply and arm bar to force his head down.
  3. Immediately deliver a left outward horizontal elbow strike to the opponent’s right temple.
  4. Immediately after your left outward elbow strike, deliver a left outward downward heel palm strike to his temple followed by a left five-finger claw to his face.
  5. Immediately deliver a left inward overhead elbow strike to his upper spine as you drop your weight and form a left wide kneel stance.
  6. Deliver a right upward knee kick to the opponent’s face as you simultaneously deliver a left downward heel palm strike to the back of his head to create a sandwiching effect.
  7. Plant your right foot to point of origin and execute a left front crossover and double cover out toward 6:00.


  1. Immediately plant your right foot to point of origin and slide your left hand down the opponent’s right arm and prepare for a wrist lock. Have your right hand position in the same manner.
  2. Slide your left foot toward 6:00 and pivot counterclockwise to form a left neutral bow stance facing 6:00. Simultaneously with this action execute a right outward wrist lock break/throw.
  3. Simultaneous with the wrist lock/break/throw, deliver a right roundhouse kick to the opponent’s solar plexus or face to force him to the ground.
  4. Plant your right foot (gauging leg) alongside the opponent’s right rib cage in a right front twist stance. Shift your right hand under the opponent’s right wrist and grab again. Have your left hand reposition its grip to assist your right hand. Once both hands have secured the opponent’s wrist, pivot clockwise and form a left reverse bow stance.
  5. Cock your left leg in the air and deliver a left thrusting knife-edge kick to the opponent’s neck as you simultaneously pull the opponent’s arm upward to possibly cause a shoulder dislocation.
  6. Release your opponent’s right arm and execute a left front crossover sweep to his right arm.
  7. Execute a left front crossover and double cover out toward 1:30.

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