Ed Parker American Kenpo: Obscure Wing

OBSCURE WING (RIGHT FLANK – Left Hand Shoulder Grab)


  1. With your left hand, pin the opponent’s left hand to your right shoulder. Simultaneously step to 3:00 and form a right fighting horse stance as you deliver a right rear elbow strike to the opponent’s solar plexus.
  2. Immediately deliver a right back hammerfist strike to the opponent’s groin.
  3. Finish with a right snapping obscure elbow strike to the opponent’s chin.
  4. Execute a right front crossover and double cover out toward 10:30.


  1. Immediately slide your right foot toward 7:30 and form a right reverse bow stance to buckle the opponent’s left leg. Simultaneously deliver a right over-the-shoulder back knuckle strike to the opponent’s face with a left downward heel palm strike to the back of his head to sandwich.
  2. Grab the right side of the opponent’s neck with your right hand and the left side of his neck with your left hand and lock his head in a side scissor headlock. Pull the opponent downward as you deliver a right upward knee kick to his face.
  3. Plant your right foot directly downward (gauging leg) and immediately slide your left foot toward 6:00, ending in a right forward bow stance, as you simultaneously pull downward on the opponent’s head to flip him to the ground.
  4. Execute a left front crossover sweep kick across the opponent’s head and face (toward 12:00) and plant to the right side of the opponent’s body.
  5. Utilizing this counterclockwise torque, plant your left foot back toward 4:30 (toward the right side of his head) and deliver a right downward looping roundhouse kick to his solar plexus. You will be in a modified left close kneel stance.
  6. Execute a right front crossover sweep kick across his head and face and plant into a left rear twist stance facing 6:00.
  7. Step out with your left foot and execute a double cover out toward 6:00.

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