Ed Parker American Kenpo: Repeating Mace

REPEATING MACE (FRONT – Left Hand direct push)


  1. With your left foot, step toward 4:30 and pivot to form a right neutral bow stance (facing 12:00) as you defend with a left outward hooking parry (palm up) simultaneous with a right inward horizontal raking hammerfist strike to his left kidney. Immediately loop back with a right outward back knuckle strike to his left ribcage as you settle into your stance.
  2. Shift your weight onto your left leg and deliver a right inward downward diagonal looping roundhouse kick to the back of his left knee.
  3. From Point of Contact, execute a right front crossover and double cover out toward 4:30.


  1. Front Point of Contact, plant your right foot to Point of Origin and immediately slide your left foot toward 10:30 and form a left front twist stance as you execute a right outward downward diagonal hammerfist strike to his sternum or face. Your left hand will check on top of his left arm.
  2. Pivot clockwise and form a left neutral bow stance as you deliver a left thrusting heel palm strike upward and under the opponent’s chin. Simultaneous with this action your right hand will slide and check his left arm.
  3. Without hesitation, continue to pivot clockwise and deliver a right spinning back heel kick (toward 1:30) to the opponent’s solar plexus.
  4. Plant your right foot into a transitory right reverse cat stance to gauge the distance and Angle of Entry for the next move. Immediately have your left foot hop between the opponent’s legs and deliver a right back scoop kick to the inside of his left knee.
  5. Reverse the direction of your right foot and deliver a right stiff-leg kick to the inside of his right leg.
  6. Plant your right foot to the inside of the opponent’s right leg and immediately execute a left rear crossover heel stomp to his groin.
  7. As the opponent reacts to the stomp, execute a right thrusting knife-edge kick to his throat, chin, or face.
  8. From Point of Contact, execute a right front crossover sweep kick to scrape the opponent’s right shin, instep, and foot.
  9. Plant your right foot and execute a right front crossover and double cover out toward 7:30.

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