Ed Parker American Kenpo: Twin Kimono

TWIN KIMONO (FRONT – Two Hand Lapel Grab)


  1. With your left hand, pin the opponent’s arms at the wrists to your chest as you step back with your left foot and form a right neutral bow stance. Simultaneously deliver a right upward forearm strike to his elbows.
  2. Slide your left foot toward 4:30 as you deliver a right outward horizontal back knuckle strike to his solar plexus.
  3. Follow with a right inward downward diagonal forearm strike against the opponent’s left arm. End with your right arm palm up at your left hip and your left hand checking high.
  4. Immediately follow with a right outward upward diagonal handsword strike to his throat.
  5. Execute a right front crossover and double cover out toward 4:30.


  1. Slide your left foot toward 10:30 and form a left front twist stance as you deliver a left thrusting heel palm strike to the opponent’s jaw. Your right hand will check his right shoulder.
  2. From your twist stance, deliver a right thrusting knee kick to the opponent’s right inner knee. Plant forward and deliver a right side downward stomp as you simultaneously deliver a right upward snapping forearm strike to the underside of his jaw.
  3. Adjust your right foot toward 3:00 (gauging leg) and deliver a left front crossover stomp toward 12:00 on top of the opponent’s left foot. Simultaneously execute a left inward heel palm strike and claw to his face.
  4. Pivot clockwise (adjusting as necessary) and deliver a right spinning back kick to the opponent’s solar plexus simultaneously with a right rear upward outward claw to the opponent’s face.
  5. Execute a right front crossover and double cover out toward 4:30.

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