Ed Parker American Kenpo: Circles of Protection

CIRCLES OF PROTECTION (FRONT- Right step through overhead punch)


  1. With your left foot, step toward 11:00 and form a left forward bow stance as you simultaneously defend with a right upward parry under and outside the opponent’s right arm. Your left hand is cocked across your waist.
  2. Pivot clockwise and form a left neutral bow stance as you deliver a left upward ripping claw to the opponent’s face from inside and under his right arm. Your right open hand is high to the right side of your face and momentarily checking under and slightly outside of your opponent’s right arm.
  3. Continue circling your left hand counterclockwise to force the opponent’s right arm down to the right side of his body. Simultaneously circle your right arm clockwise and execute a right underhand heel palm claw to his groin as you drop into a left wide kneel stance.
  4. Immediately execute a forward push-drag maneuver as you deliver a left outward back knuckle strike to the opponent’s face. During this action, your right hand grabs and pulls the opponent’s testicles.
  5. Execute a left front crossover and double cover out toward 6:00.


  1. Slide your left foot toward 10:00 and form a left close kneel stance as your left hand slides down his right arm to grab his wrist. Simultaneously deliver a right inward downward diagonal raking hammerfist strike to his right floating ribs.
  2. While still maintaining the grab to his wrist, step back with your left foot toward 6:00 and form a right neutral bow stance facing 12:00 as your right hand delivers a right upward heel palm strike to his elbow.
  3. Switch your right hand under his arm and up into a right modified extended outward block to force his arm over to the right as you simultaneously execute a left front crossover thrusting sweep kick to the side of his right knee.
  4. Plant your left foot (gauging leg) to your left and immediately deliver a right thrusting knife edge kick to the inside of the opponent’s left knee.
  5. Plant your right foot down and execute a right stiff arm lifting punch to the opponent’s face or jaw. Allow the torque of this action to turn you counterclockwise to deliver one of two kicks—a left spinning stiff leg back kick or a left spinning vertical heel hook.
  6. Execute a left front crossover and double cover out toward 6:00.

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