Ed Parker American Kenpo: Circling the Horizon

CIRCLING THE HORIZON (FRONT- Right step through punch)


  1. With your left foot, step toward 9:00 as you defend with a left inward parry. Immediately slide your right foot toward your left foot and form a right 45-degree cat stance. Your right hand circles from Point of Origin to first cover past your groin and then tracks over your left wrist to deliver a right thrusting vertical back knuckle strike to the opponent’s right cheek bone.
  2. Immediately step forward to the outside of the opponent’s right leg with your right leg and form a right neutral bow stance facing 1:30. As you settle into your stance, deliver a right inward horizontal elbow strike to his right lower rib cage as your left hand acts as a bracing angle check to his right arm.
  3. Drop into a right close kneel stance and deliver a right chopping hammerfist strike to the back of the opponent’s right knee to cause a buckle.
  4. Follow through with your right hand and deliver a right underhand reverse hammerfist strike to the opponent’s groin.
  5. Execute a right front crossover and double cover out toward 9:00.


  1. Drop onto your left knee and immediately thrust your right leg back toward 5:00 (a left forward bow stance on the ground) to sweep the opponent’s legs as you simultaneously deliver a right thrusting heel palm strike to his solar plexus toward 11:00.
  2. Execute a right front snapping ball kick to the opponent’s right ribcage. As you snap your kick back, deliver a right downward heel stomp to his ribs.
  3. Pull your right foot off his body and plant it down beside his right hip as you stand up. Immediately execute a left front downward heel stomp to his groin and begin to pivot clockwise.
  4. Continue to pivot and plant your left foot down next to the opponent’s right hip. Immediately execute a right spinning back heel stomp to his ribs.
  5. Execute a right front crossover and double cover out toward 6:00.

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