Ed Parker American Kenpo: Escape from Death

ESCAPE FROM DEATH (REAR- Two Hand Cross Choke)


  1. Turn your head to the left and tuck your chin into your chest as you grab and pull the opponent’s right wrist downward with your right hand. Simultaneously step to 3:00 with your right foot and form a horse stance and deliver a left back elbow strike to his solar plexus.
  2. Circle your left leg around and behind the opponent’s right leg (“cat around”) and form a left reverse close kneel stance facing 7:30. As you settle into your stance, deliver a left inward hammerfist strike to the opponent’s left kidney simultaneously with a right inward hammerfist strike to his groin.
  3. Circle your left hand over the opponent’s right shoulder and use the fingers of your left hand to press the nerves under his nose to fulcrum his head backward and downward.
  4. Pivot counterclockwise and face 7:30 in a left forward bow stance as you deliver a right thrusting heel palm strike to the opponent’s chin while your left hand slides down his right arm ending with a check at his right elbow.
  5. Deliver a right thrusting knee kick to the outside of the opponent’s groin or right thigh.
  6. Plant your right foot to Point of Origin and execute a left front crossover and double cover out toward 1:30.


  1. Plant your right foot (gauging leg) slightly backward and deliver a left snapping knife edge kick to the inside of the opponent’s left knee.
  2. Plant your left foot back to 3:00 and form a right front twist stance as you execute a left outward heel palm strike and claw to the opponent’s face to bring him toward you.
  3. Pivot counterclockwise and deliver a right inward hammerfist strike to his head to turn him clockwise so his back will face you. Immediately deliver a right upward knee kick to the back of his head or neck. Use your hands to assist you in this action.
  4. Deliver a right stomp kick to his right ankle or foot.
  5. Execute a right front crossover and double cover out toward 1:30.

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