Ed Parker American Kenpo: Kneel of Compulsion

KNEEL OF COMPULSION (RIGHT FLANK- Right step through punch)


  1. While standing naturally and facing 12:00, step toward 1:30 and form an inverted right neutral bow stance as you defend with your right foot as you defend with a left inward parry followed by a right outward parry to the outside of the opponent’s right arm.
  2. With your left foot, step toward 1:30 as your right hand grabs the opponent’s right shoulder. Pivot clockwise and grab the back of his left shoulder with your left hand.
  3. Without hesitation, step back toward 1:30 with your right foot and form a left neutral bow stance facing 7:30 as both of your arm pull the opponent’s shoulders back, disturbing his balance.
  4. Deliver a right step through knife-edge kick to the back of the opponent’s left knee.
  5. Plant toward 7:30 and form a right neutral bow stance between the opponent’s legs and execute a right inward horizontal elbow strike to the right side of his head. Simultaneously deliver a left inward horizontal heel palm strike to the left side of his head to create a sandwiching effect.
  6. Execute a right front crossover and double cover out toward 3:00.


  1. With your right arm, apply a cross snaking hammerlock to the opponent’s left arm as you adjust your right foot around to the outside of his left leg.
  2. Follow with a left forward step through maneuver toward 7:00 to form a left neutral bow stance as you drive the opponent’s head down into the floor.
  3. Release the opponent with your left hand and grab his wrist with your right hand as you execute a forward push drag maneuver and form a left close kneel stance to drop your right knee onto his left arm.
  4. Adjust your left foot (gauging leg) back to the left side of the opponent’s hip (near your right foot ) and execute a right outward downward looping crescent heel kick to the left side of his head.
  5. Execute a left rear crossover over the opponent’s body planting your left foot near his right hip and deliver a left downward knee drop to his spine.
  6. Rise upward and adjust your left foot (gauging leg) toward 8:00 (clockwise) and drop into a left close kneel stance to deliver a right downward knee drop onto his neck.
  7. Stand up and execute a right scraping heel kick as you execute a right front crossover and double cover out toward 9:00.

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