Ed Parker American Kenpo: Securing the Storm

SECURING THE STORM (RIGHT FLANK- Right Roundhouse Club Attack)


  1. With your left foot, step forward and form a left neutralbow stance facing 12:00 as you deliver a left extended outward block to the inside of the opponent’s right wrist simultaneously with a right vertical punch to his face.
  2. Slide your right foot clockwise toward 10:30 to form a left neutral bow stance facing 4:30 as you deliver a left uppercut forearm strike over and under the opponent’s left arm to break the elbow. Your right hand checks near your left shoulder.
  3. Shift your left foot (gauging leg) back toward 11:00 while still pinning the opponent’s right arm and quickly circle your right foot clockwise to travel around and behind the opponent’s right leg. Immediately thrust your right leg toward 6:00 and form a left forward bow stance. Use your right leg to buckle his right leg as you simultaneously deliver a right thrusting heel palm strike to his jaw.
  4. Adjust your right foot toward 7:30 and execute a left front crossover and double cover out toward 7:30.


  1. After having thrown the opponent onto his back and while still maintaining a grab with your left hand to his right wrist, reach over (clockwise) and around the club to grab the far end and leverage it out of his grip.
  2. While holding the club in your right hand and still maintaining your left grab, drop slightly into a left wide kneel stance and deliver a right downward club thrust to his solar plexus.
  3. Snake the club clockwise around the opponent’s right arm so that you place the downward end on the ground just above his right shoulder. Execute a forward pushdrag maneuver and use your right knee to check his arm while your right hand forces the club up against his jaw in order to break his neck or jaw.
  4. Adjust your left foot (gauging leg) toward the top of his head and slide your right foot clockwise toward 10:30. Simultaneously switch your hand on the club (keeping it across his throat) and jerk backwards on the club with both hands to again attempt to break his jaw or neck.
  5. Maintain your grip on the club with your left hand and execute a left front crossover toward 7:30 as you loop the club clockwise over and down to deliver a left outward downward diagonal club strike to the opponent’s right temple.
  6. Execute a left front crossover and double cover out toward 9:00.

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