Ed Parker American Kenpo: Snaking Talon



  1. With your left foot, step toward 6:00 and form a right neutral bow stance facing 12:00 as your right hand loops a figure eight with a right inward handsword to the outside and on top of the opponent’s left arm followed by a right extended outward handsword to the outside of his right arm. Your left hand positionally checks at solar plexus level.
  2. In the same Flow of Motion, grab the opponent’s right wrist with your right hand and pull his right arm down and to your right as you slide your right foot back into a transitional right 45-degree cat stance. Immediately deliver a right front snapping ball kick to his groin.
  3. From Point of Contact, plant your right foot toward 7:30 and form a left rear twist stance facing 12:00
  4. Release the grab to his wrist and pivot counterclockwise to deliver a left spinning back heel thrust kick to the opponent’s abdomen.
  5. Hop onto your left leg (gauging leg) toward the opponent and deliver a right back heel kick to any available opening (preferably the face or chest).
  6. Execute a right front crossover and double cover out toward 7:30.


  1. Plant your right foot into a right rear crossover and form a right rear twist stance and pivot clockwise as you drop onto your right side to deliver a left roundhouse kick to the opponent’s groin.
  2. Spin clockwise and plant your left knee. Using your arms to assist you, push up into a right rear spinning thrust kick to any available opening.
  3. From Point of Contact, execute a right front crossover and leap out onto your left leg.

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