Ed Parker American Kenpo: Squatting Sacrifice

SQUATTING SACRIFICE (REAR- Bear Hug with arms free)


  1. With your right foot step to 3:00 and form a horse stance facing 12:00 as your right and left inward downward elbow strikes to the opponent’s forearms.
  2. Squat onto the opponent’s right knee and bend forward to grab his right ankle with both of your hands and pull upward causing him to fall. As the opponent falls, shift into a concave stance to prevent an Angle of Entry into your groin.
  3. Twist the opponent’s right ankle clockwise. Immediately circle your right foot clockwise and plant it toward 7:30 to form a right reverse close kneel stance.
  4. Pivot clockwise and form a right forward bow stance facing 6:00 as you complete your twist on his ankle and force him onto his stomach.
  5. While maintaining the grab on his right ankle, step forward with your left foot toward 4:30 alongside his body and form a left close kneel stance. Grab the opponent’s left wrist with your left hand.
  6. Support your weight on your left leg as you cock your right leg in the air. Immediately deliver a right downward stomp kick to the opponent’s lower spine as you pull upward on the opponent’s left arm and right leg.
  7. Execute a right front crossover sweep kick and stomp to his left arm and double cover out toward 4:30.


  1. After your right downward stomp to his lower spine, execute a right front crossover sweep and stomp kick to his left arm and step toward 3:00 with your left foot to face 9:00 in a right neutral bow stance.
  2. Immediately deliver a left shovel kick to the opponent’s jaw or lower portion of his head.
  3. Plant your left foot down (gauging leg) and execute a right slicing knife edge kick to the opponent’s left jaw hinge.
  4. Plant your right foot down (gauging leg) and deliver a left rear spinning back thrust kick to his right temple.
  5. Execute a left front crossover and double cover out toward 3:00.

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