Ed Parker American Kenpo: Tripping Arrow

TRIPPING ARROW (FRONT – Bear Hug with arms free)


  1. With your left foot, step toward 9:00 and form a horse stance as your left hand grabs the opponent’s right shoulder and pulls downward to control his Height Zones. Simultaneously deliver a right inward hooking heel palm strike to the opponent’s left jaw hinge.
  2. Circle your right foot clockwise, around and behind the opponent’s right leg and heavily stomp into a horse stance to cause a buckle. Simultaneously, your right hand circles counterclockwise and cocks at your right shoulder palm upward.
  3. Immediately pivot counterclockwise and face 9:00 in a left forward bow stance as you simultaneously deliver a right thrusting heel palm strike to the opponent’s jaw. As your opponent falls, contour down his right arm and end with a grab to his right wrist with your left hand.
  4. With the opponent on his back and his head pointing toward 9:00 pull upward on his right arm as you deliver a right downward heel stomp to the opponent’s chin.
  5. Release his right arm and execute a right front crossover sweep and stomp kick to his right arm and double cover out toward 4:30.


  1. Plant your right foot toward 10:30 (to the left side of his head) and pivot counterclockwise to drop into a left close knee stance and drive your right knee downward into his solar plexus as you simultaneously deliver a right two-finger poke to his eyes.
  2. Spring upward and switch in place to form a right close kneel stance facing 4:30 as you drop your left knee into his abdomen.
  3. Stand up and pivot counterclockwise to form a left close kneel stance facing 1:30 and drop your right knee into his groin.
  4. Spring upward and execute a right front crossover and double cover out toward 1:30.

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