Ed Parker American Kenpo: Blinding Sacrifice



  1. Step toward 12:00 with your right foot and form a right neutral bow stance as you thrust both of your arms forward and deliver twin wedge blocks. Continue the motion of your arms and convert them into twin rolling upward outward claws to your opponent’s eyes
  2. Continue the flow of your hands and convert them into twin outward handsword strikes to the inside of the opponent’s forearms to clear them.
  3. Immediately execute a forward push-drag maneuver and deliver twin front underhand heel palm strikes and claws to the opponent’s groin.
  4. Execute a reverse push-drag maneuver as you deliver twin inward hooking back knuckle strikes to both of the opponent’s kidneys. End in a right 45-degree cat stance with both hands executing twin vertical outward blocks to act as checks.
  5. Execute a forward push-drag maneuver and end in a right neutral bow stance as you deliver twin outward horizontal two-finger eye slices followed by twin thumb thrusts to his eyes.
  6. Have both hands strike downward to his shoulders and slide vertically downward along the opponent’s arms to act as sliding checks.
  7. Immediately circle both arms inward and upward to deliver twin inverted back knuckle strikes to the opponent’s temples.
  8. Using your hands as pivot points, drop both elbows downward to create a sandwiching effect on either side of the opponent’s jaw.
  9. Grab the back of the opponent’s head with both hands and pull him downward in to a right upward knee kick to his face. Your left leg acts as a gauging leg.
  10. After your right knee kick, from point of contact, deliver a right downward heel stomp to the opponent’s right instep. Both hands are used to keep the opponent bent and control his height zone.
  11. Execute a right front crossover and double cover out toward 7:30.

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