Ed Parker American Kenpo: Courting the Tiger

COURTING THE TIGER (FLANK – Left & Right Arm & Shoulder Grabs)


  1. Have your right foot cross behind your left foot toward 7:30 to form a left front twist stance as you simultaneously counter-grab Opponent #1 (attacking from 3:00) with your right hand grabbing his left wrist and pull him offbalance. Simultaneously anchor your left elbow down and into the right ribs of Opponent #2 (attacking from 9:00) to push him away.
  2. Immediately deliver a right knife-edge kick to the outside of Opponent #1’s left knee.
  3. Have your right foot crossover and in front of your left foot to form a right front twist stance. Without a loss of motion, deliver a left upward knee strike to the back of Opponent #2’s right thigh.
  4. From Point of Contact of your left knee strike, deliver a left knife-edge kick to the inside of Opponent #2’s left knee.
  5. Have your left foot crossover and behind your right foot to form a left rear twist stance as you deliver a right outward back knuckle strike to Opponent #1’s head. Your left hand should positionally check for retaliation by Opponent #2.
  6. From your twist stance, deliver a left front snapping ball kick to Opponent #2’s right lower ribcage immediately followed by a right front snapping ball kick to Opponent #2’s face or solar plexus.
  7. Utilizing Gravitational Marriage as you plant your right foot down to form a right neutral bow stance facing 9:00, deliver a right upward lifting stiff-arm back knuckle strike to Opponent #2’s face. Your left hand will be checking low.
  8. Immediately deliver a right snapping stiff-leg kick under the chin of Opponent #1.
  9. From Point of Contact, execute a right front crossover and double cover out toward 6:00.

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