Ed Parker American Kenpo: Leap of Death

LEAP OF DEATH (FRONT – Right Step Through Punch)


  1. With your right foot, step back to 6:00 and form a transitional left neutral bow stance facing 12:00 as you execute a right outward parry. Ride the force of the opponent’s punch by pivoting clockwise and forming a left reverse bow stance facing 12:00. Simultaneously grab the opponent’s right wrist with your right hand and execute a left inward horizontal heel palm strike under and to the outside of the opponent’s right elbow as you settle into your stance.
  2. Immediately reverse the flow of your action and pivot counterclockwise to form a left forward bow stance facing 12:00 as you deliver a left outward horizontal back knuckle strike to the opponent’s right lower ribcage. Your right hand maintains control of the opponent’s right wrist.
  3. Reverse the flow of action by pivoting clockwise and forming a left reverse bow stance facing 12:00 as you deliver a left inward heel palm strike to the back of the opponent’s right shoulder. Your right hand maintains control of his right wrist.
  4. Leap into the air with both feet cocked under you and cock both of your hands to the side of your chest (palm up in a begging fashion).
  5. Land in a diamond stance on your opponent so that the heels of both feet land on the opponent’s kidneys (right heel to right kidney; left heel to left kidney).
  6. Immediately slide both heel off the opponent’s kidneys and form a horse stance. Using 1/4 beat timing take advantage of the opponent’s reaction and execute twin heel palm thrusts to the back of the opponent’s mastoids (right heel palm to right mastoid; left heel palm to left mastoid).
  7. As the opponent’s head bounces back up from hitting the ground, slip both of your hands along his face and under his chin.
  8. Pivot to form a concave stance as you pull upward and toward you with both hands using your knees to brace downward and against the opponent’s shoulder blades.
  9. Without losing contact, twist his head and neck clockwise by pulling up against the opponent’s chin with your right hand and pushing down on the back of his head with your left hand.
  10. With your right hand now cocked by your right ear (palm outward) and your left hand pushing the opponent’s head down, immediately deliver a right inward handsword strike to the bridge of his nose.
  11. Pivot clockwise and form a right close kneel stance to deliver a left knee drop to the opponent’s upper spine as you simultaneously execute a left downward palm strike (fingers in) to the back of the opponent’s head to once again force his face into the ground.
  12. Using the opponent’s body as a springboard, bounce up, leap, and turn counterclockwise in mid-air. Using the synchronization of your Rotational Force and Gravitational Marriage, land with your left foot to the right side of the opponent’s body as you deliver a right downward looping roundhouse kick to his head.
  13. From Point of Contact, execute a right front crossover and double cover out toward 10:30.

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