Ed Parker American Kenpo: Raining Lance

RAINING LANCE (FRONT – Right Step Through Overhead Knife Attack)


  1. With your left foot, step toward 10:30 and form a left neutral bow stance as you execute a right outward parry to the outside of the opponent’s right arm (at the wrist).
  2. While the opponent’s arm is still in motion, pivot clockwise to form a left fighting horse stance as your left hand assists your right hand in guiding and controlling the Path of Action of the Knife. While guiding the knife hand, pivot counterclockwise to form a left neutral bow stance as you jam the knife into the opponent’s right thigh.
  3. Execute a forward push-drag maneuver as you deliver a right inward horizontal elbow strike to the opponent’s sternum. Your left hand is pinning the opponent’s right hand to keep the knife in the opponent’s right thigh.
  4. Have your left hand track up the opponent’s right arm, pressing against it, as you convert your left hand into a left palm up tiger’s mouth strike to choke the opponent’s throat. Your right hand switches laces, palm down, to continue pressing and checking the knife into the opponent’s thigh.
  5. Immediately switch both of your hands so that your left forearm is now pressing against the opponent’s right arm while simultaneously squeezing his testicles. Simultaneously circle your right hand counterclockwise to deliver a right inward crab hand hook and pinch to the opponent’s eyes.
  6. Step forward with your right foot to the outside of the opponent’s right leg to form a right 45-degree cat stance. Simultaneously your left hand contours up the opponent’s right arm to execute a left outward upward diagonal inner wrist strike to his throat. Your right hand switches places (along the inside of your left arm) to continue pressing the knife into his right thigh.
  7. Without a loss of momentum, step forward with your right foot and drop to form a right close kneel stance (actually kneeling on the ground) as your left hand converts into a left hooking wrist (in the shape of the crane) to pull the opponent backwards.
  8. Deliver a right inward downward diagonal hammerfist strike to the opponent’s heart. Your left hand checks, pins, and controls the opponent’s body against your right leg and body.
  9. Deliver a left thrusting heel palm strike to the right side of the opponent’s jaw (finger pointed upward) to injure and force the opponent off your right knee. Your right hand will dislodge the knife from the opponent’s right thigh and your left hand will convert into a positional check at your solar plexus.
  10. While still on your left knee, execute a right front crossover and gradually ascend before you cover out toward 7:30.

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