Ed Parker American Kenpo: Rotating Destruction

ROTATING DESTRUCTION (FRONT – Right Front Thrust & Left Spinning Back Kick Combination)


  1. While in a right neutral bow stance facing 12:00 (with your right hand hanging low near your right leg as your left hand checks high), pivot counterclockwise to form a right reverse close kneel stance as you execute a right inside downward block (palm down) to the inside and under the opponent’s right leg. Continue the clockwise Flow of Action of your right arm and pivot clockwise to form a right neutral bow stance as your right hand converts into a right extended outward block.
  2. As the opponent follows with a left spinning back kick, slide your right foot back to form a left front twist stance facing 12:00 as you execute a right outward downward diagonal block to the outside of the opponent’s left leg. Your left hand will check near your solar plexus.
  3. Utilizing residual torque, pivot clockwise and deliver a left roundhouse kick to the opponent’s head.
  4. Plant your left foot (gauging leg) and deliver a right spinning hooking heel kick to the opponent’s solar plexus or any other available target.
  5. From Point of Contact, execute a right front crossover and single cover out toward 7:30.
  6. Survey.
  7. Return with a right hopping knife-edge kick to any available opening on the opponent.
  8. From Point of Contact, execute a right front crossover and double cover out toward 7:30.

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