Kenpo Budokan Karate: Orange Belt (7 Kyuu) Lessons

“I understand that I am but a beginner in a new and fascinating art which will direct me to greater obligations and responsibilities. To honor my obligations and responsibilities I pledge myself to serve my instructor, fellow students, and fellow men.”

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  1. Welcome to Orange Belt
  2. Entering the Danger Zone – Non-Beginner Pitfalls
  3. Orange Belt Self Defense(七級護身術)
  4. Hair Grab [clutching feathers]
  5. Rear Wrist Grab [crossed twigs]
  6. Crossover Wrist Grab [crossing talon]
  7. Hammer Lock [locked wing]
  8. Gun to the Head Kneeling on the Ground (七級拳銃護身術)
  9. Knife to the Throat from the Rear (七級刃物護身術)
  10. Club Attack on Ground, Attacker Standing (七級短棒護身術)
  11. Knocked to Ground Recovery (七級格闘護身術)
  12. Orange Belt Fundamental Concepts and Techniques
  13. Crescent Kicks
  14. Axe Kicks
  15. Crossing Stances
  16. Explosive Action/Overwhelming Movements
  17. Circular Motion
  18. What If Phase
  19. Push Hands/Sensitivity Drills
  20. Catching
  21. Kicks and stances in the Master 8 Fold Form
  22. Long Form 2
  23. Your first research report – Shokyū Denshi Research Report
  24. Making the move to the intermediate levels
  25. Getting Ready for Purple Belt


  • 8 Self Defense Techniques Hakko Goshin Jutsu (八護身術)
    • 4 Empty Hand Self Defense Techniques Yonko Karate Goshin Jutsu (四空手護身術)
      • Hair Grab [clutching feathers]
      • Rear Wrist Grab [crossed twigs]
      • Crossover Wrist Grab [crossing talon]
      • Hammer Lock [locked wing]
    • 7 Kyuu Defense against a Gun – Kenjuu Goshin Jutsu (七級拳銃護身術) [gun to the head kneeling on the ground]
    • 7 Kyuu Defense against a Knife – Hamono Goshin Jutsu (七級刃物護身術) [knife to the throat from the rear]
    • 7 Kyuu Defense against a Club or Stick – Tanbou Goshin Jutsu (七級短棒護身術) [on ground, attacker standing]
    • 7 Kyuu Grappling/Situational Defense – Kakuto Goshin Jutsu (七級格闘護身術) [knocked to the ground, recovery]
  • 8 Fundamental Concepts and Techniques
    • Crescent Kicks
    • Axe Kicks
    • Crossing Stances
    • Explosive Action/Overwhelming Movements
    • Circular Motion
    • What If Phase
    • Push Hands/Sensitivity Drills
    • Catching
  • The Master 8 Fold Form
  • Long Form 2
  • Shokyū Denshi Research Report

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