Kenpo Budokan Karate: Purple Belt (6 Kyuu) Lessons

“I hold the art of Kenpo sacred and freely take upon myself the obligation and responsibility that I shall never misuse my skill to hurt or make afraid. I shall fight only if forced to defend myself and shall be slow to anger, loath to take offense, quick to forgive, and to forget personal affront”

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  1. Welcome to Purple Belt
  2. Responsibilities as an Intermediate Student
  3. Reviews and Extensions
  4. Purple Belt Self Defense(六級護身術)
  5. Front Choke Extension [parting wings]
  6. Rear Choke Extension [circling wings]
  7. Single/Double Lapel Grab Extension [lone/twin kimono]
  8. Handshake Extension [gift of destruction]
  9. Gun to the Stomach from the Front(六級拳銃護身術)
  10. Knife Held to the Stomach from the Front(六級刃物護身術)
  11. Swing to the Side of the Body(六級短棒護身術)
  12. Chair Defense Against a Rear Choke (六級格闘護身術)
  13. Purple Belt Fundamental Concepts and Techniques Extensions and Drills
  14. Horse Stance / Toe to Heal
  15. Marriage of Gravity
  16. Angles of Attack/Defense
  17. Push Pull Motion
  18. Environmental Awareness
  19. Range of Attacks/Defense
  20. Front Kick
  21. Side Kick
  22. Movement within the Master 8 Fold Form
  23. Short Form 3
  24. Stance Drills
  25. Getting Ready for Blue Belt


  • 8 Self Defense Techniques Hakko Goshin Jutsu (八護身術)
    • 4 Empty Hand Self Defense Techniques Yonko Karate Goshin Jutsu (四空手護身術)
      • Front Choke Extension [parting wings]
      • Rear Choke Extension [circling wings]
      • Single/Double Lapel Grab Extension [lone/twin kimono]
      • Handshake Extension [gift of destruction]
    • 6 Kyuu Defense against a Gun – Kenjuu Goshin Jutsu (六級拳銃護身術) [gun to the stomach front]
    • 6 Kyuu Defense against a Knife – Hamono Goshin Jutsu (六級刃物護身術) [knife held to the stomach front]
    • 6 Kyuu Defense against a Club or Stick – Tanbou Goshin Jutsu (六級短棒護身術) [swing to the side of the body]
    • 6 Kyuu Grappling/Situational Defense – Kakuto Goshin Jutsu (六級格闘護身術) [chair defense against a rear choke]
  • 8 Fundamental Concepts and Techniques
    • Horse Stance / Toe to Heal
    • Marriage of Gravity
    • Angles of Attack/Defense
    • Push Pull Motion
    • Environmental Awareness
    • Range of Attacks/Defense
    • Front Kick
    • Side Kick
  • The Master 8 Fold Form
  • Short Form 3

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