The Wheels Keep on Turning

Español: los rangos y grados de cinturones de ...
Español: los rangos y grados de cinturones de kenpo karate (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Good Morning Everyone,

Hope everyone’s training is progressing as desired. We should have the majority of the written instructions for the EPAK style self defense techniques finished up by the end of this week. This weekend, we hope on finishing up with the CMATOS White belt techniques and material. I’m thinking of doing shorter video blogs with the fundamentals and concepts from the office so that the material can get up there rather than waiting for camera time on the weekends.

We’ve got a new camera we are going to try this weekend to hopefully improve the sound quality of the videos, and have appreciated everyone’s feedback and comments thus far.

Keep up the great work and looking forward to seeing your progress at your next evaluation.

  • Soke Salaka

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