Ed Parker American Kenpo: Fatal Cross

Fatal Cross (FRONT – Two Hand Push Low)


  1. With your right foot, step toward 12:00 and form a right neutral bow stance facing 12:00 as both hands hook (in the shape of cranes) to the inside of your opponent’s wrists, jerking his arm down, outside and past your hips.
  2. Reverse the motion of both of your hands and convert them into twin snapping uppercut middle knuckle fist punches to the opponent’s floating ribs.
  3. As your hands recoil, cross them (right over left) and position your fists vertically. Immediately deliver twin snapping outward back knuckle strikes in a scissoring manner to the opponent’s temples (right hand to right temple; left hand to left temple).
  4. Recoil your hands and follow with twin outward twofinger scissor pokes to the opponent’s eyes.
  5. With your hands still crossed, drop them onto the opponent’s shoulders to act as Gravitational Checks.
  6. Deliver a left step through knee kick to the opponent’s groin. Immediately follow with a right step through knee kick to his solar plexus or groin.
  7. Plant your right foot forward and have your left hand turn the opponent clockwise as you deliver a right inward horizontal elbow strike to assist in turning the opponent.
  8. With your opponent’s back now toward you, grab the hand is still grabbing his left shoulder) and step back with your right foot toward 4:30 and form a left neutral bow stance as you jerk and pull the opponent off balance.
  9. As the opponent begins to fall, deliver a right knee kick to his lower spine.
  10. Plant your right foot back to Point of Origin and deliver a left knee kick to the opponent’s right kidney.
  11. From Point of Contact, execute a left thrusting knife edge kick to the back of the opponent’s right knee.
  12. From Point of Contact, execute a left front crossover and double cover out toward 4:30.

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