Ed Parker American Kenpo: Marriage of the Rams

MARRIAGE OF THE RAMS (FLANK – Left & Right Shoulder Grabs)


  1. With your right foot, step back and form a left neutral bow stance facing 12:00 as you execute twin underhand back knuckle strikes to the groins of each opponent. Follow through with the back knuckle strikes after they make contact.
  2. As both of your arms continue their circular paths, guide them to the underside of the opponents’ arm pits as you step forward with your right foot to form a right neutral bow stance facing 12:00. Upon contact, immediately have your arms hook over and on top of your opponent’s shoulders as you proceed to pinch their arms with both of yours. As you settle into your right neutral bow stance, untie both of your arms (right over left) and force your opponent’s heads to collide.
  3. Immediately deliver a left knee kick directly to the center point of your opponent’s clashing heads.
  4. Plant your left foot to Point of Origin to form a right neutral bow stance while applying downward pressure with both of your arms to continue controlling the opponent’s Height Zones.
  5. Have both hand contour the opponents’ bodies as they track down their inner thighs (have your hands form the shape of an outward crane to further assist in hooking the opponent’s legs). Complete the travel of your hands toward your opponent’s ankles and immediately grab and jerk both of the opponents’ ankles upward and slightly outward to pull their leg out from under them. Simultaneously step back with your right foot to form a left neutral bow stance facing 12:00.
  6. While maintaining both ankle grabs (at least attempting to maintain the grabs), deliver a right front snapping ball kick to Opponent #2’s groin.
  7. Plant your right foot (gauging leg) into a right front rotating twist stance and pivot clockwise to deliver a left roundhouse kick to Opponent #1’s chest.
  8. From Point of Contact, release the ankles of both opponents and force the opponents to the ground as you execute a left front crossover and double cover out toward 6:00.

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