Ed Parker American Kenpo: Piercing Lance

PIERCING LANCE (FRONT – Right Step Through Knife Thrust (while your arms are up))


  1. From a left neutral bow stance and both hands raise slightly above your shoulders, slide your right foot toward 7:30 as you execute a right outward downward hooking parry to the outside of the opponent’s right wrist. Simultaneously execute a left heel palm parry to the outside of his right elbow. After your left hand makes contact, slide to the top of his right wrist and set a grab.
  2. While maintaining the grab with your left hand and without disrupting your Flow of Motion, slide your right foot clockwise toward 1:00 to form a left neutral bow stance and buckle the opponent’s right leg with your right leg as you simultaneously execute a right back elbow strike to his right or left ribcage.
  3. Immediately slide your right foot counterclockwise toward 7:30 to form a right neutral bow stance Simultaneously your right hand grabs the opponent’s right wrist and your left hand form s the shape of the crane and hooks around the left side of his neck and throat. Without any hesitation, pivot counterclockwise and drop to form a left wide kneel stance as your left forearm fulcrums on his right shoulder and back and forces his neck, throat and head back. Guide and force the opponent right elbow onto your left knee as he falls backward.
  4. Grab the opponent’s right wrist with your left hand as it assist your right hand in twisting his right arm counterclockwise while you move your left foot toward 9:00. Immediately pivot counterclockwise to form a left wide kneel stance facing 9:00 as you force the opponent’s knife (if he is still holding on to it) into his own throat.
  5. Execute a back-to-front switch to deliver a right front thrusting knife-edge kick to the opponent’s right shoulder blade.
  6. Grab the opponent’s right wrist with your right hand. Release your left hand grab and shift your left hand to grab the back of the opponent’s right hand. Twist the opponent’s right hand clockwise and upward to sprain or break his wrist. Simultaneously wrap the opponent’s right arm around your right leg. Continue to have your left hand rotate clockwise and upward while simultaneously pushing down on the opponent’s right elbow with your right hand to cause his shoulder to dislocate.
  7. Grab the knife with your right hand and pull it out of the opponent’s throat.
  8. In the same Flow of Action, execute a right front crossover toward 6:00 as you cut the opponent’s right triceps and biceps with the knife.
  9. Compete your crossover and double cover out toward 6:00.

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