Ed Parker American Kenpo: Raining Claw

RAINING CLAW (Defense for a Right Uppercut Punch)


  1. Step towards 6:00 with your left foot to form a right neutral bow stance
  2. Deliver a right inward downward horizontal forearm block
  3. Execute a left inward overhead claw
  4. Execute a forward push-drag foot maneuver
  5. Deliver a right snapping uppercut punch
  6. Cover to 6:00


  1. Pivot clockwise and form a right forward bow stance toward 12:00 as your left hand (which is positionally checking at your sternum) execute a left thrusting heel palm strike to the opponent’s chin and convert it into a left ricocheting five-finger thrust to his eyes. Your right hand positionally checks at your sternum.
  2. Convert your left five-finger thrust into a left vertical downward five-finger claw to the opponent’s face as you pivot counterclockwise to form a right neutral bow stance. As you settle into your stance and as your left hand tracks its way down his face, execute a right half fist strike (palm up) to the opponent’s throat.
  3. Slide your left foot toward 4:30 to form a right neutral bow stance facing 10:30 as your left hand execute a left outward horizontal heel palm claw to the left side of the opponent’s face. Simultaneously deliver a right outward horizontal back knuckle strike to his solar plexus.
  4. Continue sliding your left foot up the circle toward 1:30 to form a right neutral bow stance as your right hand continues under your opponent’s left arm. Your left hand checks his left elbow. Immediately apply a direct snaking hammerlock as you drop your weight and form a right wide kneel stance facing 7:30 forcing the opponent to bend over.
  5. With your left foot, step toward 6:00 as your left hand slides along the opponent’s left forearm to end with a grab to his left wrist.
  6. Slide your right foot 180-degrees clockwise (right reverse step through) toward 6:00 to form a left neutral bow stance facing 12:00 as your right hand assists your left hand in grabbing the opponent’s left wrist. Yank his arm toward you to dislocate his left shoulder and force him to the ground.
  7. Leap counterclockwise and form a left close kneel stance facing 9:00 to deliver a right knee drop to the back of the opponent’s neck.
  8. Using the opponent’s neck as a springboard, leap clockwise, facing 3:00, and deliver a left back heel stomp to his head.
  9. From Point of Contact, execute a left front crossover and double cover out toward 4:30.

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