Ed Parker American Kenpo: Striking Serpents Head

STRIKING SERPENTS HEAD (Defense against a front bear hug – arms free)


  1. Step back to 7:30 with your right foot into a left Neutral Bow as your right hand checks at face level (to check a head butt) and do a left inward Back Knuckle to attackers mastoid.
  2. Pin attackers head by anchoring your left elbow or grab their hair and anchor your left elbow to draw their head back. Do a right Half Fist, palm down to attackers throat.


  1. Step back with your left foot into a left Cat Stance while doing a left Heel Palm Claw down attackers face.
  2. Grab attackers right arm with your left hand (at about the elbow), pulling the arm slightly out and step forward with your right foot to the outside of attackers right left while doing a right Inward Elbow to (and through) attackers ribs.
  3. With your right arm between attackers arm and body, reach up and grab onto attackers shirt collar (or shoulder/hair) and, as you drop down onto your left knee, yank attacker down onto your right thigh.
  4. As attacker is falling backwards onto your knee, circle your right arm (counter clockwise) out and into a right Overhead Elbow onto attackers chest/solar plexus.
  5. Push attackers off your thigh, rise up, do a right Side Kick to attackers head and cover out to 6:00.

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