Ed Parker American Kenpo: Unfolding the Dark



  1. Hop toward 10:30 and form a transitory left one-legged stance facing 4:30. Immediately deliver a right snapping knife-edge kick to the opponent’s left knee while looking at the opponent from over your right shoulder.
  2. Plant your right foot (gauging leg) toward 4:30. Drag your left foot (gauging leg) to your right foot and execute a right back thrusting heel kick to the opponent’s left rib cage. Your hands positionally check to your right.
  3. Plant your right foot toward 4:30 and form a right reverse neutral bow stance. Immediately slide your left foot counterclockwise 180-degrees to execute a left spinning stiff-leg sweep to the outside of the opponent’s left leg. Conclude the sweep by forming a transitional left reverse bow stance.
  4. From your transitional left reverse bow stance, pivot counterclockwise and form a left neutral bow stance facing 4:30. Simultaneously deliver a left outward back knuckle strike to the opponent’s left kidney. Your right hand checks high.
  5. Immediately drop and form a left close kneel stance as you simultaneously deliver a right inward overhead hammerfist strike to the opponent’s sternum. Your left arm positionally checks the opponent’s left arm .
  6. With your opponent on his back, deliver a right spinning back heel stomp to his face or any available opening.
  7. From Point of Contact, execute a right front crossover and double cover out toward 1:30.

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