Tracy Kenpo: Forms : Long Form 5



Step to 9:00 and proceed with Spinning Hammers power side, right foot shifts to 3:00 and you do Spinning Hammers weak side.

12:00 & 6:00: DANCE OF DEATH

Step back right to 6:00 and proceed with Dance of Death weak side, cross step to 10:30 as you pivot to 12:00 and proceed with the technique week side.

9:00 / 3:00 LEAP OF DEATH

Adjust left foot to 9:00 proceed with Leap of Death towards 3:00, place roundhouse kick at 9:00 and proceed with technique, planting left foot at 3:00.

4:30 / 7:30 EAGLE CLAW

Right foot steps out from cross step to 3:00 to horse facing 12:00, cross left to 3:00, pivot facing 6:00, and step right to 4:30 power side. Cross step right to 9:00, left out to 9:00, pivot 180 degree to face 12:00, left to 7:30 weak side.


Step forward left to 12:00, step through right to 12:00 power side, step right to 12:00 weak side.

6:00 / 12:00 SLEEPER

Pivot to 6:00, pull to cat as your go into Sleeper, right back to 6:00, right forward to 12:00 and proceed with the technique weak side.

6:00 / 12:00 STARTLED CAT

Right crescent to horse at 3:00, facing 6:00, left parry as you go into the technique power side. Plant left kick back at 6:00 right left crescent to 12:00 as you go into the technique weak side, plant right kick at 2:30 behind left leg.


Pivot to horse facing 12:00, pivot to 3:00 as you go into Manchurian takedown power side. Pivot to face 9:00 as you proceed with technique with weak side.

12:00 / 6:00 SHAOLIN WARRIOR

Pivot to face 12:00 right cat stance as you go into Shaolin Warrior power side, shifts 180 degrees facing 6:00 left cat technique weak side.

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