Ed Parker American Kenpo: Sets : Blocking Set 1


  1. Begin in a meditative horse stance.
  2. Cock both hands at your hips.

Section 1Right Side

  1. Deliver a right upward block.
  2. Execute a right hammering inward block.
  3. Follow with a right extended outward block.
  4. Deliver a right outward downward block.
  5. Execute a right rear elbow block.
  6. Finish with a right push-down block.

Section 2 Left Side

  1. Deliver a left upward block.
  2. Cock your right hand at your hip.
  3. Execute a left hammering inward block.
  4. Follow with a left extended outward block.
  5. Deliver a left outward downward block.
  6. Execute a left rear elbow block.
  7. Finish with a left push-down block.


  1. Cock your left hand at your hip.
  2. Cover your right clenched fist with your left open hand.
  3. Close your meditative horse stance.

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