02/01/2016 Weekly Kenpo Roundup

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“Shotokan” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We had a very busy weekend this weekend recording almost all of the material for the White Belt self-defense lessons. We’ve got a new camera and hopefully the recordings come out a lot better than our other camera. If not, we’ll be back to the store for a better video recording setup.

It’s very slow going transcribing all the text material into the web site lessons as there are a lot of additional information and gaps that need to be filled in with the written lessons vs what I have in the notes. So in addition to transcription, we are working on ensuring that the material in the lesson is 100% complete and accurate.

As a side note, all of the EPAK material has been transcribed and uploaded to the site (we now have all EPAK and Goju Ryu written material on the site) 😀 We’re going through the Tracy Material now, as well as the Taekwondo ITF forms. Once we finish off with CMATOS video lessons and materials we will be going through and doing lessons on the other style material on the site – including the EPAK, Goju Ryu, and all other style forms and techniques. Our short term goal is to have the CMATOS material uploaded and ready for the under belt lessons so we can start offering the distance learning options. Although the requirements are up there and ready to go, we are still going through and putting together the lessons for each belt level. If you are interested in getting started in the interim, you can always contact us for a customized lesson and weekly training online lessons (or contact us for in-person training).

We are looking at 25 lessons per beginner and intermediate level, 33 lessons for 2/1 kyuu, and a massive amount of lessons for the Jun-Ichi Dan level (as we will be reviewing all material within the system for the belt level, with emphasis on specific areas during the advanced lessons). At the rate we are currently going, we are looking to get the White Belt material completed hopefully next week, and then the 9 kyuu material lessons done and recorded by the end of February. Hopefully, if time permits, we will have the material up on the site much sooner. I might go ahead and get Long form 7 and 8 instructional videos to the site first, as there doesn’t seem to be any lessons on those forms on the internet just yet (tons of demos, no instructions), and seeing how these forms are both performed and applied would be very helpful to some of my advanced students. Be on the lookout for the Worlds First Kenpo Long Form 8 instructional video coming soon!

As a side note, it’s now the first of February, so my November beard is gone, so don’t be surprised if you see a different looking person appearing in the videos in the coming weeks.

Keep up the training!

  • Soke Salaka

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