02/08/2016 KBK Weekly Roundup

vertical_logosGood Morning Kenpoists,

Hope everyone had a great weekend. We are about 90% completed loading the Tracy self-defense techniques. Hopefully we will have that completed by the end of this week, along with the Tracy Forms and the ITF Taekwondo Forms. Still working through the 10 kyuu (white belt) material, hopefully have the rest of the videos and text lessons uploaded by the end of the week here. Once that is done, only have 366 more lessons to go 😀

Be sure to keep checking back as we are adding new material and lessons on a daily basis. I’m still debating recording the Long Form 7 and 8 instructional videos before the rest of the lessons are completed (Black Belt Forms). If there seems to be enough demand for the advanced material I will release it early, otherwise I’ll continue with the plan of putting rank by rank lessons and materials out there for study and review.

I’m going to see if I can get some other time dedicated to the recordings this week, to help speed up the uploading process for the technique and material lessons as many of you have indicated that you are almost done with the white belt material reviews and are ready to start working on the yellow belt material.

Look for more updates in the coming days (and the day when I can turn on the updates to Facebook automagically (once all the other material is loaded)).

Keep up the training.

  • Soke Salaka

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