Tracy Kenpo: Stick of Death


Defense :

  1. Left foot steps to 10:30 cross hand block with right on top, right hand grabs attackers right wrist as the right hand swings the club arm down to strike through the attacker’s right knee.
  2. The left hand will grab at the bottom of the swing with your right foot stepping to 10:30 behind the attacker’s right leg, continuing the swing until it is high above your right shoulder.
  3. Your left foot sweeps back CCW so that you are behind your attackers back, pivot your body 180 degrees CCW.
  4. Your left hand in a CCW motion applies hammerlock to the attacker’s right arm.
  5. Your right hand positions the club in front of the attackers face, place the club on the left side of the attackers neck while hooking the loose end of the club under your left arm to apply the hammerlock.
  6. Apply full pressure with your right hand by pulling back CW.

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