Tracy Kenpo: Set : Book Set (Panther Set)


  1. Start off with traditional salutation, then when back in a neutral stance, right hand comes out palm up then fan block up, turn hand over so palm is down then do a downward fan block.
  2. Bring right hand out to side and circle back under arm followed by 4 push blocks, and then repeat everything on your left side.
  3. Followed by a right punch, then left punch roll over Backfist, point toes out to the outside (3:00 & 9:00) then using heels go into a square horse stance.


  1. Left hand on top of right palm up at waist level, bring the hands up and over head as you rotate hands over and then hands will cross keeping left hand on top as you perform a clearing action bringing them down to waist and into chamber.
  2. Bring hands up to shoulders palm out.
  3. 3 push blocks then on 3rd motion hand turns into a Tiger Claw then bring up to head then down to waist, cross hands in front left on top and bring them back up to shoulder in push block position.
  4. Left push block, cross hands right on top, right push block cross hands left on top, left push block.
  5. Adjust left foot and go into a Chinese “L” block towards 9:00 going into hard bow.
  6. Then step right to 9:00 and do a Chinese “L” Block into hard bow then step left to 9:00 and do a Chinese “L” block into hard bow.
  7. Adjust right foot back and pivot towards 3:00 going into a Chinese “L” Block then step left to 3:00 and go into a Chinese “L” block then Right again.
  8. Step forward to face 12:00 into Square Horse stance as you throw a right punch.


  1. Step left to 12:00 into Side Horse stance; left Vertical Punch, right foot to 3:00 into Square Horse stance followed by a right punch.
  2. Step left to 12:00 into a Side Horse Stance, Left Vertical Punch.
  3. Step back left to 9:00 into Square Horse Stance, right reverse Punch.
  4. Then step back right to 6:00 with a Left Vertical Punch, step back left to 6:00 right reverse punch into Square Horse Stance.


  1. Step right to 12:00 into Side Horse stance along with a Left heel palm right hammerfist bring both strikes to the center of your body in a circular motion, then step left to 9:00 into Square horse stance right push hand block then step right to 12:00 into square horse stance followed by a left heel palm right hammerfist bringing both strikes to the center of your body in a circular motion.
  2. Step back right into Square Horse stance with a left push block then step back to 6:00 into a Side Horse Stance along with a left heel palm right hammerfist bringing both strikes to the center of your body in a circular motion.
  3. Step back to right 3:00 into square horse stance followed by a left push block.


  1. Left foot forward to 12:00 followed by a left eye rake then right eye rake palms up going right into a rolling upwards block starting with right and then left, then a right inverted punch.
  2. Step forward right along with a right upward left inverted punch.
  3. Step left to 12:00 left upward right inverted punch.
  4. Then step back left along with a left smoother block then step back right to 6:00 right smoother block, then back left with a left smoother block.
  5. Step right to 3:00 into square horse stance followed by a right hammerfist left softbow then a left hammerfist right softbow.
  6. Step forward right and go into Turning the Handle, right foot to 2:30 left hard bow, left hook block, right punch then left punch and repeat this pattern 4 more times.
  7. On the last punch step back left to 9:00 into square horse stance.


  1. Go into Teasing the Tiger first to 3:00 then to 9:00 then step right to 2:30 butterfly strike then left to 10:30 with a butterfly strike.
  2. Square off facing to 2:30, followed by a left claw then a right claw then left claw as you go into a Cat Stance.
  3. Step right to 12:00 as you do a forearm smash then snapping the Rod.
  4. Pivot to face 12:00, Right Cat Stance then a left punch simultaneously throw a right front snap kick.
  5. Step forward left along with a right punch.


  1. Step to 2:30 with a right foot, right upwards block followed by a left vertical punch.
  2. Left foot steps to 10:30 then a left upwards block and a right vertical punch.
  3. Dancer rights to 7:30, then a right upwards block and a leftvertical punch.
  4. Left foot to 4:30 left upward blocks right vertical punch.
  5. Left foot crosses behind right to 6:00 double Backfist then pivot to face 9:00 left upwards block right hammerfist.


  1. Pivot forward, right upwards block left vertical punch then left foot forward with a left upwards block and a right vertical punch.
  2. Right foot forward with a right upwards block and a left vertical punch.
  3. Right hook block then left followed by a right punch as you step back with right food then back left with a left punch then step back right with a right punch.
  4. Draw to a right Cat Stance facing 3:00 with a right Vertical Outward block step forward left right swinging Backfist left punch.
  5. Step right and repeat.
  6. Adjust foot back facing 9:00 Chinese Swings.
  7. Step right Chinese Swings then step left Chinese Swings go into a Square Horse stance followed by Teasing the Tiger to 3:00 then to 9:00.
  8. Draw to a left Cat Stance Teasing the Tiger the go into closing Salutation.

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