Tracy Kenpo: Chinese Pincers (AB)


Defense A:

  1. Right foot cross steps in front of the left to 10:30, right fan block CW.
  2. Left foot step forward, as your left hand parries the outside of the right punch, continuing with the same motion right hammerfist to ribs.
  3. Left hand grabs attackers wrist as your left hand cocks past your right shoulder, left hand pulls the arm past left side of your body as your left foot sweeps against the right left towards 4:30.

Defense B:

  1. Left foot steps to 10:30, right fan block CW.
  2. Left foot step forward, as your left hand parries the outside of the right punch, continuing with the same motion right hammerfist to ribs.
  3. Left hand grabs attackers wrist as your left hand cocks past your right shoulder, left hand pulls the arm past left side of your body as your left foot sweeps against the right left towards 4:30.

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