Shotokan: Wankan

  • Left diadems – Start from the Yoi: Shizentai – the natural posture. Step with the right foot across the left by about ten inches to your left at a 45° angle. Step out at 45° with the left foot into a cat leg stance. Bring both arms up simultaneously, elbows together, palms inward on the fists, tightly crossed at the wrists with the fists overlapping. Perform this action sharply as you step forward with the right foot. As you extend the left foot, strongly pull the arms down into a wedge block while rotating the fists over.
  • Right diadems – Now reverse the action by stepping with the left foot across the right. Mirror all of the actions above to the 45° angle to the right at a 90° angle to your current position.
  • Crown Jewels – Face back to 0 degree and draw the right knee into the chest. Point the toes downward toward the floor. Bring both arms up side by side – touching from elbow to fist with the knuckles out and the palms inward strongly.
  • Here Kitty, Kitty, Kitty! – step down into a cat leg stance and take two more steps quickly and smoothly, leaving the arms up in the position they are in. Step 1.2.3 quickly. The last step should be followed smoothly and continuously by the front foot sliding forward into a front stance. While the foot slides forward, perform a slow, strong reverse vertical sword hand block – as in Sochin.
  • Punches – Perform two punches in place. The first punch is a snap, the second a thrust. The first punch is fast, the second is slow.
  • Mystery Technique – Turn 90° to the left by drawing the rear foot up to the right so that it becomes the front foot in a cat leg stance. The left hand scoops, hand open, upward to the waistline while the right hand should be thrust down to the same level with an open palm. The entire technique should look like scooping a kick, holding it, and smashing the knee.
  • Now perform the same techniques you did at the end of 4 and all of 5.
  • Turn 180° to the rear, performing the mystery technique again. Scoop with the left, thrust with the right hand. Draw the left foot over to the left, and then bring it back so that it becomes the front foot of a cat leg stance. Repeat the sequence of vertical sword hand block and the two punches.
  • Attack! – Look to the right, back to where you started, and pull the right leg back, and then shoot it out to the side so that it becomes the right leg in a horse riding stance. Strike with a hammer fist to your right about shoulder height. Step forward and front snap kick middle level with the left leg. As you step, perform a left handed punch to the middle level. Repeat the kick punch combination on the right side. Now do it one more time to the left side for a total of three kicks and three punches. Now you are standing in a left side front stance with the left hand extended in a punch.
  • Finish – Move both hands to the left waist. Turn 180° pivoting on the front foot of the front stance, and then shift weight so that you end up in a rooted stance to the rear. Perform the Mountain Punch (Yamazuki) with both hands and kiai. Pause a moment and then stand back up into the natural position pulling the front foot back.


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