Kyokushin Karate:Saiha/Saifa

  1. Begin the Kata in Fudo Dachi.
  2. Move into Musubi Dachi and Mokuso on the command “Mokuso”.
  3. On the second command “Saifa”, open eyes, move into the Yoi position with Ibuki.
  4. On the command “Hajime” move forward with the right foot at 45°. Slowly bring the left foot to the right into
    Heisoku Dachi simultaneously move the hands so that the right fist returns to the ready punch position (i.e. in
    Tate Tsuki position) and the open left hand is placed on the front of the right fist.
  5. Grasping the right fist, snap the right elbow up in a circular upper movement (looking the same direction the
    elbow is pointing).
  6. Then the left hand covers using Jodan Shotei and the right hand closed, moves inside the left ready to strike.
  7. Move the left foot straight back into Kiba Dachi and strike right Uraken Ganmen Uchi and simultaneously the
    left hand is pulled back still in Shotei, to a cover position slightly above belt level.
  8. Move the left foot forward at a 45° angle and repeat the entire previous movements but striking with the left
  9. Move the right foot forward at a 45° angle and repeat the entire previous movement, but striking with the
    right arm.
  10. Move with the left leg 90° to the left simultaneously turning the head in the same direction and position both
    hands for the block.
  11. Pull the right leg slowly along the ground towards the side of the left foot (keeping the hips facing forward)
    with the heel raised in a ready kicking position, simultaneously with the above leg movement perform a slow
    double blocking movement with both hands open (right hand moves downwards similar to Shuto Gedan barai
    and the left hand moves to a position similar to Haito Uke) at the same time of the leg and arm movements
    the head turns quickly to the front.
  12. From this position kick right Chudan Mae Geri keeping both hands in the original Position.
  13. After the kick, without placing the right foot down, position the right foot to the right approximately “two
    shoulder widths” from the left foot, look to the left and move the left foot to the right as illustrated and
    position the hands in preparation to block.
  14. Repeat the leg and blocking movements as previously described.
  15. Kick left Chudan Mae Geri and immediately after the kick place the foot back so to end up in right Zenkutsu
    Dachi as the foot comes back execute Morote Haito Uchi to the neck. Continue the hand movement so that
    both hands are pulled back closed, to the ready punch position.
  16. Strike Jodan Morote Tsuki. With both fists in this position, open both hands and swing them slowly down in a
    circular movement at 45° dosing the left fist prior to striking the left palm with Tetsui (at approximately belt
  17. Step across with the right foot and turn 180° into left Zenkutsu Dachi execute Morote Haito Uchi. Continue the
    hand movements to the ready punch position and strike Jodan Morote Tsuki. Open both hands and swing them
    down in a circular movement and strike right Tetsui into the open left palm.
  18. Move the right foot towards the left and slightly in front to perform a leg sweep, simultaneously the right fist is
    positioned above and behind the head in preparation to strike.
  19. Turn 180° to complete the movement on the left leg, keeping the right knee as high as possible, cover left
    Shotei stamp the right foot down into right Sanchin Dachi and strike right Tetsui Oroshi Ganmen Uchi pulling
    the left hand back into the ready punch position and KIAI.
  20. Open the right fist and execute a fast tensho hooking movement and punch left Shita Tsuki pulling the right
    hand back closed to the ready punch position.
  21. As previously described move the left foot towards the right and execute a sweep.
  22. Turn 180° stamping the foot down into left Sanchin Dachi and strike left Tetsui Oroshi Ganmen Uchi and KIAI.
  23. Open the left fist and execute a fast tensho hooking movement and punch right Shita Tsuki pulling the left
    hand back closed to the ready punch position.
  24. Move forward with the right foot into right Zenkutsu Dachi and punch Chudan Oi Tsuki.
  25. Move forward 45° to the right pivot on the left foot and turn quickly, with the right arm extended, hand open,
    and the open left hand in the ready punch position (the right hand is held at approximately neck height).
  26. Pull back slowly into right Neko Ashi Dachi simultaneously pull the right hand towards you as if hooking the
    neck and at the same time the left hand slowly strikes Chudan Yonhon Nukite (palm upwards – the final
    position should be with the right hand over and in line with the left Nukite position and not extended beyond
  27. Block Gyaku Shuto Mawashi Uke and Ibuki (the Ibuki is performed on the Shotei part of the Shuto Mawashi
  28. The Kata is completed by moving the right foot back into Musubi Dachi and the Mokuso position is retained
    until the command “Naore” when the Fudo Dachi position is taken.

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