Kyokushin Karate:Bo:Bo Kata San

  1. While holding the bo with your right hand only, bring it straight up under your armpit. The tip that was closest to the ground should now be straight out in front of you.
  2. Flip the bo over (with your right hand only), under your right armpit so that the tip originally in front is now behind your right shoulder, your palm on the top of the bo.
  3. Step straight out with your right foot into a right leaning stance while grabbing the bo with your left hand on the front of the bo.
  4. Strike across your body to your opponents head, the bo should be under your left armpit, with your right hand out front.
  5. Flip the bo over so that the part behind your body comes over and strikes to the head. Your hands should switch position from front to back so your left hand leads and your right hand is under your left armpit.
  6. Spin the part of the bo from behind your body up around your head and strike to your opponents ribs with the part that had been out front by your left hand.
  7. Let go of the bo with the left hand and follow through with the bo (in your right hand only) to sweep the feet of your opponent while you lean back away from the right leaning stance.
  8. Cover your face with your left hand (palms out) and block the straight right leg with the bo.
  9. Perform move 1 & 3 together continuous motion
  10. Perform move 2 & 3 together continuous motion
  11. Perform move 1, 2 & 3 together continuous motion
  12. Perform move 3 & 4 together, (do 3, 1 and 3 again)

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