For AKKSjp Students

American Kenpo Karate Studios Japan (AKKSjp)

It all started in 2005 when I started teaching American Kenpo Karate out of the little Shotokan dojo in Nipponbashi Osaka Japan. I had been training with the owner of the dojo for a month and he asked me to do a seminar with his students. What grew from the seminar was the foundation of the AKKSjp school in Japan. Starting with the 5 students in the dojo, we soon grew to over 100 students – all studying under the American Kenpo Karate system. In 2007, the dojo moved to Tokyo Japan, with many of the students commuting on a regular basis for lessons, and the start of distance learning lessons for other students in American Kenpo around the country. At our peak we had over 250 students studying from all around the country, and some international students tagging along for the ride. Some students were just there for the English language immersion it provided, but others were there to expand their martial arts training. Everyone found something to take away from the classes.

Unfortunately, in 2011, the earthquake forced me and many of the “expat” students to evacuate from Japan – but many of the students remained loyal to the system through the years, as we continued the distance learning curriculum. Over the years the many of the students drifted away, but through it all we continued to work with a few core students remotely.

We will continue to work with students who wish to continue the AKKSjp curriculum (Mix of EPAK and Tracy Kenpo systems). Those students who wish to switch to the pure CMATOS system are encouraged to do so. Regardless of your choice, we will continue to stand by each and every one of our students.

Thank everyone for your support.

  • Soke Salaka