Jōkyū Denshi Graduate Thesis

Jōkyū Denshi Graduate Thesis

  1. Develop a set of 4 new techniques and describe their application
  2. Develop a new form and demonstrate it via video
  3. Write your graduate level thesis

Write a 10-20 page (2500-5000 word) research paper about one of the following topics. Before deciding on a topic, please discuss with your instructor your chosen topic for approval.

  • Describe how you will develop your martial arts skills beyond CMATOS.
  • Describe the history of one of the CMATOS forms.
  • Research the lineage of CMATOS and describe the differences between the original Kosho-ryu Kenpo and modern day CMATOS.
  • Describe the martial arts system you would form if you were to create your own martial arts system.
  • Another research topic of your choosing relating to the culmination/synthesis of the complete system of CMATOS

Papers must be grammatically correct (www.grammarly.com) and free from plagiarism. You should cite use a minimum of 4 sources in your work (citations must be other than Wikipedia).

Junior students (under 14) may opt to write a short 3 page report on a topic of their choosing, or record a 5 minute video speach about one of the topics above.