Ed Parker American Kenpo: Leap from Danger



  1. React to the opponent’s push by executing a forward roll on your right shoulder toward 12:00. Finish the roll by leaping upward and turning to face your opponent in a left neutral bow stance facing 6:00.
  2. As the opponent proceeds to attack with a right punch, leap onto your left foot toward 4:30 and deliver a right roundhouse kick to his solar plexus.
  3. Plant your right foot (gauging leg) toward 7:30 and pivot counterclockwise to deliver a left spinning back heel kick to the opponent’s right rib cage (toward 7:30).
  4. Execute a left front crossover and double cover out toward 1:30.


  1. Plant your left foot (gauging leg) down toward your opponent and deliver a right inward crescent kick to his face.
  2. Plant your right foot down and drag your left foot (gauging leg) and deliver a right reverse hook kick to the back of his right knee to buckle his leg.
  3. Immediately after the hook kick, bounce your right foot off the ground and into a right roundhouse kick to any available target.
  4. Execute a right front crossover and double cover out toward 1:30.

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