Ed Parker American Kenpo: Menacing Twirl

MENACING TWIRL (REAR- Left Hand Belt Grab)


  1. Slide your right foot back toward 7:30 and form a right rear twist stance. Immediately pivot clockwise and form a right forward bow stance facing 6:00 as you deliver a right outward downward block to the inside of the opponent’s left arm while simultaneously executing a left thrusting heel palm strike to his jaw.
  2. Immediately follow with a left thrusting knee kick to the opponent’s groin. Your right hand checks high across your opponent’s chest as your left hand checks low on your opponent’s right arm.
  3. Plant your left leg (gauging leg) and deliver a right inward upward diagonal knee kick to the inner thigh of your opponent’s right leg (toward 10:30). During this action your right arm slide down (sliding check) across your opponent’s solar plexus and your left hand cross checks to the midpoint of your opponent’s chest.
  4. From Point of Contact, deliver a right stomp kick to the opponent’s right instep.
  5. Execute a right front crossover and double cover out toward 1:30.


  1. After your right stomp, keep your right foot in position as your left foot adjusts slightly toward 1:00 (gauging leg). Immediately deliver a right thrusting knife edge kick to the opponent’s left knee. Without planting down, follow with a right roundhouse kick to the inside of his right knee.
  2. Plant your right foot down near his right foot forming a right neutral bow stance as you execute a right upward snapping forearm strike under his chin and without a loss of motion convert this motion into a right downward hammerfist strike to his right collar bone.
  3. Continue the motion of your right arm and loop it back into a right inward hooking punch to the left jaw of the opponent as you gain force by pivoting into a right reverse bow stance facing 1:00.
  4. Execute a right front crossover and double coverout toward 1:00.

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